Wonder Woman Goes Marvelous: A Junky Fan Theory

Written by Orutakawa Teng’a’

The Transition

A Wonder Woman like any other has been doing her usual Amazonian styled heroics; when an energy of some sort envelops, knocks her unconscious and transports her from her home DC universe to deposit her in a Marvel universe.

The Aftermath

Firstly, Diana would try to reach out to the Justice League using her communications device. Then by trying her civilian cell phone & even using a pay phone, yet still get no answer only the dreaded; “We could not complete the call as dialed, please check the number and try again” error message. Secondly, she would notice talk & media of the Avengers and other Marvel heroes and their “Rogue Galleries”. As a result she would ask locals to point her towards the nearest Avengers chapter house. Once there she would introduce herself saying, “Hello there guardians of peace and justice, I am Diana Prince, Princess of Themyscira, daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus. In my world which is far different than yours I’m known as Wonder Woman, I humbly seek your help in returning me home.”

The Avengers at hand would try Stark and similar tech and even Asgardian methods. Then seek the aid of that’s multiverse’s Olympians, Atlanteans, & Inhumans. When all else fails they would attempt using some black list tech. As difficult as it may be to accept for some; after finding no solution to her plight Dub Dub would be hit with a major bout of depression.

Wonder Woman’s Recovery and Debut

After a period of time, the length of which I won’t hazard a guess, Wonder Woman would begins to engage in heroic adventures & missions to once again fulfill her calling. In time she would buddy up with Captain America seeing just how similar to Superman he is in attitude and temperament. Then she would see much of Barry Allen’s Flash in Spider-Man. Even a very arrogant Batman in Iron-Man, & similarities in other heroes to her old friends.

Then she would find herself joining the Avengers, liaison with SHIELD and serve as a training hero in time to new heroes on the block. She would also be another bane to Hydra, AIM, and similar villainous associations.

Philosophy of a Marvelized Wonder Woman

Her “Marvelized” philosophy would be almost no different than any other Wonder Woman.  Just one with a shadow of losing all she knew and adapting to life in a world “seasoned with lime instead of orange.” She would also be a more reflective Wonder Woman than all others. 

It would be her that finds a way to help the Marvel Bruce & Hulk merge into a truly terrifying powerhouse of a benevolent bruiser.  In time she’d even form a sisterhood with Captain Marvel, Storm, She Hulk, & other such heroines. Starting this Amazonian type sorority to feel somewhat at home.

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