Detective Pikachu Review

(Warning: This post will contain some minor spoilers. A warning will appear later for one that is a major plot spoiler so please read with caution if you haven’t seen the movie and do not want to be spoiled!) 

Detective Pikachu is 100% a movie for Pokémon fans but I think it’s great for people who aren’t big into Pokémon as well. The movie had a great message and many laughable moments. The actors did great in their roles and managed to bring the world of Pokémon to a live action movie. I came in the movie theatre not expecting too much, as live action films can either be a hit or miss but this was definitely a hit.

Furthermore, the movie theatre handed out little packs of special Pokémon cards to those seeing the movie!


detective pikachuThe story behind Detective Pikachu

The movie is based on the popular video game Detective Pikachu which shares many similarities to the movie. The movie focuses on Tim Goodman and the quest to find out the truth about his father’s alleged death. Tim can communicate with Pikachu like no one else can, quickly evolving a strong bond because of this.

The Pokémon

Undoubtedly, the Pokémon were adorable. Pikachu looked so soft and as realistic as can be. All the Pokémon looked how you’d expect if they were real. The movie displayed an interesting look into how a whole with Pokémon roaming around would be.


pikachu and psyduckPersonally, I loved seeing all the Pokémon in the background. So many cool ones were including, my personal favorites were: Emolga, Audino, Bulbasaur and Joltik.

Gotta catch ’em all!

The whole movie I was waiting for the iconic theme song to play. While the whole song did not play, the movie including a sad pikachu/ Ryan Reynolds sing it instead was all I could ask for.


The one criticism I have…

Nearly all the Pokémon looked accurate to the cards, TV shows and games except for one and a favorite of mine: Gengar

In the movie’s defense, Gengar is a ghost Pokémon and it pretty terrifying, not meant to be cute but on the trading cards and in shows he is strangely cute. Meanwhile in the movie, he was terrifying and extremely ugly in my opinion.


While there aren’t many high quality pictures of Gengar from the movie, included is a low quality one that gives you a glimpse. Personally, the teeth were unsettling and I was under the impression Gengar had some fur and would look more soft.


My personal regret


As the movie went on, I had a strange thought. I was trying to figure out why Tim and Pikachu could communicate like no one else. It hit me: This Pikachu is somehow his father. I wish I turned to my little brother during the movie and whispered my theory (which turned out to be true) because saying you knew it when it was finally revealed leaves some suspicion.

Ddetective pikachu + deadpoolP: Deadpool or Detective Pikachu or Pikapool?

Coincidence? I think not. I can not wait for the next Deadpool movie to poke fun and make jokes about this movie and Ryan’s role as Pikachu. Additionally, Karan Soni starred in both films as well.

Did you enjoy the movie? Which Pokémon did you think was the most accurate/ your favorite? Comment below!

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