This Blog post will put Deathstroke vs Deadshot vs Deadpool vs Deadlok in a form fit and function kind of way.  In addition to a form, fit and function comparison, I’m going to put the hero’s against each other in hand to hand combat, weapons combat, a battle of wits and more in a “what if” crossover blog event. Sounds fun right? Let’s get started, shall we?


The Form is the character, the charisma or lack thereof, the attitude, motives.


The Fit is the powers, the weapons, the look, the mask, the costumes, the colors.


The function is the motives, the good or the evil, the universe, the reason for their existence, the story line.

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Deathstroke yields swords, shoots weapons and has some kick ass hand to hand combat moves. He’s been on the side of evil for most portions of his comic and onscreen career. He has recently visited the good side of things in the ArrowVerse via the CW Network. He appeared in the DC television series as a human infused with mirakuru. Mirakuru is an injection that gives super strength yet has a negative side affect. Basically steroids on steroids that drive a user insane. Negative unless you are a super villain that is. We also caught a glimpse of him in a teaser clip at the end of The Justice League movie.

Other Versions

Some versions of the character have him posed as a Meta Human, again with super strength. Firstly, Deathstroke has a Unique Physiology and Enhanced abilities such as Intellect, Reflexes, Speed, Stamina, Strength and Senses. Secondly he has a Regenerative Healing Factor, Enhanced Immunity and Retarded Aging. Don’t forget he’s a menace with a sword, knows more methods of martial arts than Chuck Norris and he always shoots to kill.

Deathstroke functions as a terror of evil and is a force to be reckoned with in the DC Universe. Looking forward to seeing a completely bad ass version in up an coming DCEU big screen features.



Deadshot doesn’t miss… Ever. Potrayed by Will Smith in the DCEU, Deadshot proves that he doesn’t miss unless he wants too. What’s great about Dead shot is that he’s just a human with no real super powers. He’s a Dead eye or Dead Shot, hence the name. The Suicide Squad version of the Villain portrays him this way at least. He’s a hit-man for fire, a paid assassin, expert marksman and lethal DC Universe villain. Floyd Lawton lives by a simple code which is finish the jobs that you’re hired and minimize casualties, “after all, you’re not being paid to waste bullets.” This says to me that Deadshot does have a good side, also portrayed in the suicide squad movie. I did like the movie, main complaint of Deadshot, too much face time for Will Smith. I mean, come on Will you’re a Super Villain, keep the mask on! 

Outside of the DCEU, Deadshot has terrorized the comic world as killer assassin. He’s also created a ton of problems in the ArrowVerse on the CW Network as well. Deadshot is plain and simple a menace that reeks havoc. 


Deadpool, well he’s crazy. In my opinion Wade Wilson was excellently portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in two movies. Deadpool is a character with wonderful charisma. He’s a super hero that shoots to kill, for the most part. He doesn’t put handcuffs on anyone rather he leaves them with a bullet in the brain or a sword in the gut. Deadpool has sick moves and unbelievable powers. The former Weapon X version of Deapool came equipped with lazer eye powers via Cyclopes, Wolverine claws and regeneration and a ton of other ridiculous powers. Let’s focus on the real Deadpool, however. Not the Weapon X version from the Wolverine Origin movie. 


Deadpool has crazy powers including; Regenerative Healing Factor (he really can’t be killed), Foreign Chemical Resistance, Disease Immunity, Extended Longevity, Telepathic Immunity, Peak human Strength, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Reflexes and Superhuman Speed. His abilities aren’t to shabby either; Master Martial Artist, Master Assassin, Skilled Linguist (fluent in Japanese, German, Spanish, Russian, Pashto and  Urdu), Awareness (he is aware that he’s a comic book charterer) and his Unpredictability makes it difficult for opponents to figure out his next move. Some of Deadpool’s Weaknesses are his unstable mental state, his deformity and he’s just really really annoying.



Deathlok is probably the least popular character on this Dead/Death list however, he appears to be one of the most powerful. Deathlok’s has a mechanical cybernetic physiology which grants him several superhuman powers; including superhuman strength, stamina, agility, reflexes, and a computer augmented brain. The right arm and left half of his face are armored cybernetic implants. He wears a woven metal-mesh body suit of considerable durability making him nearly impenetrable. He’s basically a weaker version of Cyborg, except he’s dead or was, and was reincarnated as a half man/half robot antihero. Multiple people have dawned the curse of which is Deathlok, most notably, Henry Hayes of Earth-616 and Michael Collins, also Earth-616. Pretty freaking scary yet simultaneously wicked freaking awesome if you ask me!


Battle Scenarios

So as far as the what if Battle Scenario’s, Deadshot because of his assassin like powers would snuff out Deathstroke, Deathlok and Deadpool from a mile away. However because Deadpool is virtually un-killable, he’s eventually track Deadshot down and wipe him out. What would be problematic for Deadshot would be unfamiliar terrain. If the battle’s took place in Gotham City, Deadshot would have he upper hand. However if the battle between Deadshot and say Deathstroke happened on Lian Yu aka Starfish Island Deathstroke most likely would foil the attempted assassination and bury his sword deep into Deadshot’s chest. Deadpool would most likely best them all in hand to hand combat, however he may fall to Deathlok as Deathlok would most likely be able to incinerate Deadpool’s body, said he could get the upper hand and perhaps decapitate him. Lot’s of fun wacky stuff to consider, what do you think?


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