Alert Deadpool 2 Spoilers Ahead! First off, this movie was hysterical! It was entertaining from the start to the finish! The comedy was right on point in a nasty sarcastic yet enjoyable way. Don’t watch this movie with your mother! I let my kids watch it, that’s just bad parenting right there. Like Deadpool says it is a family movie!

The Cast

Obviously Deadpool is the star of this movie but we get some awesome co-star and cameo appearances from Cable, Domino, Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Copycat, Yukio and Juggernaut! Who’s Copycat you say? We are going to have to wait till Deadpool 3 comes out to be sure. However, you can bank that Deadpool’s super-hot girlfriend Vanessa Carlysle, played by Actress Morena Baccarin, shows up as the shape shifting mutant Copycat to complete the trilogy!

The Good

In my humble opinion Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool was phenominal, again! He has this role wonderfully mastered. I can’t see him doing anything else! How about this analogy. Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is to Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man! I had no complaints about Domino (Zazie Beetz), Colossus (Stefan Kapicic) or Cable (Josh Brolin). They were all pretty good. Even though my 4-year-old son said, “daddy he sounds like Thanos!”

The supporting cast of Blind Al, Dopinder and Weasel were all contagiously funny! (Leslie Uggams) was also once again perfect, with her miss-pointing of her hand gun and slick acumen. Dopinder (Karan Soni) was Jonny on the spot with his timely and mirthful interactions with Deadpool, for a second time! Weasel (T.J. Miller) had me cracking up when he spilt the beans about the upcoming mission!

The Bad

Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and Yukio (Shiori Kutsuna) both were really disappointing. Other than the thought of their hot lesbian interactions (which we did not see) these two super females were truly forgettable. I actually had to look Yukio up to see who she really was. For a second during the movie I thought she was the mutant Psyclocke. Even when Deadpool said her name in the flick, I wasn’t sure if he was making a sarcastic Asian joke or if Yukio was really her name. After a google images search, it finally clicked when I saw Yukio pictured with Wolverine. Yukio appeared in “The Wolverine” in 2009. She was tasked to kill him, instead she developed a crush on him and consequently aided him in defeating the bad guy. How’s that for some history!

The Ugly


The most disappointing part of the movie was Juggernaut! I was really disheartened with how they made him look. Juggernaut is a beast, a weapon of mass destruction, evident when he ripped Deapool in half! At least they kept him alive. Did you notice him crawling out of the pool at the end of the movie? I did! My issue was the suit! A yellow jail suit? Yeah sure, show him in the suit in the first scene, he just broke out of jail, I get it! But let the guy change into the Crimson colored brass knuckle suit we all know and love! A 30 second scene where Juggernaut tells the kid to hang on for a second as he stops somewhere to change is all we needed!


To be Frank, Russell “Rusty” Jones wasn’t breath taking either. I don’t understand why they used a young version of the character Firefist as the victim that needed saving. It made little sense to me. Then we didn’t even get any explanation as to who he was or who he would become! Disappointing to say the least!


Deadpool 2 definitely earned at least 3.5 stars in my mind. Not sure where other people ranked it and I don’t care! This is my review! I know I pointed out several character flaws yet my ranking is still pretty good. The scene where Deadpool had baby legs had me in tears. That earned 3 stars right there! The story line was certainly lacking and they could have done a better portrayal of some of the characters. However, the action was really good and Deadpool’s charisma and dicey shrewdness kept me hilariously entertained the entire 119 minutes! Thanks for reading!

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