DareDevil – A Disabled Hero

DareDevil The Disabled Hero

DareDevil the disabled hero. One of my favorite Marvel heroes. Why? I love daredevil because it shows that people with flaws can still be heroes. I also enjoy the fact that he is a dark character. In this article I will be explaining why he is one of my favorite Marvel heroes.

The man without fear

Matt Murdock, is blind. In a weird way he can still see. He can see from sound, if that doesn’t make sense watch the DareDevil movie staring Ben Affleck. While the film has not been up to standards, I still enjoyed it for the fact of it being about a blind superhero.

DareDevil is know as “the man without fear” and for good reason. He does stunts that the ordinary man would be afraid to even attempt. For example he has no problem doing acrobatics to get to high places and to cross the rooftops of buildings. If he is afraid of anything he never shows it.

Why I like him

The main Reason why I like DareDevil is because he is different. He is also a skilled fighter able to take down some tough enemies. He has even turned his own walking stick into a weapon.

The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen greatest strength (his super hearing ) is also his greatest weakness. The fact that he can beĀ  easily subdued intrigues me because it makes sense. If his hearing gets overloaded or he hears a very loud sound he gets rendered useless.

This weakness makes more sense to me than a certain of radiation or magic….. cough superman cough.

The design of the costume in both the comics and the new show in my opinion is very cool. It is different and unique to him which makes DareDevil stand out more. Anyone can call themselves a DareDevil but Matt Murdock is “THE” DareDevil.

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One thought on “DareDevil – A Disabled Hero

  1. I gotta say after becoming partially day blind I see just how awesome DD really is & I love your summery of him. I would even hazard to say that a symbiote would find his “passive sonar” far better than normal sight & enhance that ability.

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