D23 & Marvel’s Future

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The D23 expo released a lot that determines the future of Marvel and what we can expect. Releases with news of new tv shows, new updates on movies and premiere dates; D23 did it all. Clearly, there is bound to be something for every type of Marvel fan!

Disney +

  • New Releases

Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight and She-Hulk all will be on the Disney + streaming service. As of right now, nothing further is known such as the cast or what exactly the shows will focus on. All three are great to see on the screen as they are all more diverse. Plus, so many lovers of their comics are excited to see them in this new light.

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) would be the first Muslim and Pakistani hero. Ms. Marvel’s powers involve her being able to enlarge or shrink her body.

Moon Knight’s show could potentially bring up the mental health issues he faces with his multiple personalities. Moon Knight (Marc Spector) gained his powers from an Egyptian god and as his name suggests his powers are enhanced with full moons. 

She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) is a lawyer and Bruce Banner’s cousin. However, don’t let her relation and seeming similarity to Bruce Banner fool you, she is completely her own character. Personally,I cannot wait for the casting of She-Hulk and the other heroes of these new shows. Some fans have taken to social media, posting who they think would be the ideal casting. One I personally agree with and would love to see is the casting of Stephanie Beatriz (Brookyln Nine-Nine star) as She-Hulk.

  • What If

New images of the first episode of the What If series shows what if Peggy Carter received the super solider serum, becoming Captain Britain. Hayley Atwell, the MCU actor for Peggy Carter, voices the character in the series. d23

  • Speculations of:

An animated Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur tv show and something still unknown starring America Chavez in the future. Hopefully, we receive more information on this soon.

  • A release of:

An original poster for the upcoming tv show WandaVision that shows a shadow of their characters that appears to show Wanda’s shadow as being her comic suit rather than the MCU version.


MCU Phase Four

During the D23 expo, we see a closer look into the Eternals cast. The MCU is bringing in lots of new heroes with just this one movie, let alone the other upcoming Phase 4 movies such as Blade and Shang-Chi. d23

Also released is the premiere date for Black Panther 2 is May 6, 2022.

Theme Park

Additionally, Disney talked about the creation of Avengers Academy to be added to a couple of the Disney Theme Parks.d23

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