Comicbook Actors and Their Favorite NFL Teams

It’s no secret that a lot of comic book actors are really into sports, especially American football. Some of the Avengers actors even have their own fantasy football league. But which actor is a fan of which team?

Here are 15 comic book actors and their favorite NFL teams.


Chris Evans – New England Patriots

Of course, Captain America would be a fan of the most patriotic team in the NFL, the New England Patriots. Born in Boston, Chris has been a lifelong Pats fan and thanks to his strong team, he even won the 2015 Super Bowl bet against his co-star Chris Pratt.



Chris Pratt – Seattle Seahawks

“Who?” “Star-Lord, man! The legendary Outlaw?”

That’s right, Chris Pratt is a fan of the Seattle Seahawks, not to be confused with Starhawk (who was played by Sylvester Stallone in GotG vol. 2).



Paul Rudd, Henry Cavill – Kansas City Chiefs

I’m not sure if this is the right Kansas, Smallville….speaking of small, Ant-Man is here too! Almost didn’t see him. Both Paul Rudd and Henry Cavill are huge fans of the Kansas City Chiefs.



Grant Gustin – New York Giants

One of his dogs might be named Jett but the Flash actor isn’t a fan of the Jets. He likes the other New York based team, the New York Giants.




Josh Brolin – Washington Redskins

You sure there isn’t a team called “Purpleskins”?  No? Okay, well looks like Thanos is a fan of the Washington Redskins! I wonder if he watches the NFL on Cable….



Ryan Reynolds – Greenbay Packers

I thought he hated the color green?

Thanks to Aaron Rodgers, the Canadian actor received tickets for a game and became invested. He even got a chance to meet Brett Favre (as seen in the picture).




Bradley Cooper, Will Smith – Philadelphia Eagles

What do a Raccoon from space and a deadly Assassin from Gotham have in common? That’s right, they’re both fans of the Philadelphia Eagles!

Bradley Cooper is from Philadelphia. As for Will Smith….well we all know how that story goes. “In west Philadelphia born and raised…”


Jake Johnson – Chicago Bears

Wait, Peter Parker isn’t from Chicago (at least not in this universe)! But Nick Miller…I mean Jake Johnson is! The actor and famous author of bestsellers such as “Z is for Zombie” and “The Pepperwood Chronicles” is a very passionate Chicago Bears fan.



Jeremy Renner – San Francisco 49ers

Hawkeye always hits the right target, especially when choosing the greatest NFL team. That’s why Jeremy Renner is a fan of the San Francisco 49ers and a part of the Faithful. If you think about it, it’s really fitting for the West Coast Avenger to like the Niners.




Joe Manganiello, Michael Keaton – Pittsburgh Steelers

Deathstroke vs. Batman. Sword vs. gauntlet spikes. Steel vs. steel. Only fitting for both, Michael Keaton and Joe Manganiello, to be fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers.



Samuel L. Jackson – Atlanta Falcons

Well I guess we now know who Nick Fury’s favorite Avenger is. He is a proud fan of the Atlanta Falcons.



Anthony Mackie – New Orleans Saints

Speaking of Falcon, Anthony Mackie’s favorite NFL team are the New Orleans Saints. Maybe Falcon could fly by New Orleans and meet Cloak & Dagger?

Cut the Check!


That was the list. Are there any actors we forgot? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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