The Cat Goes Straight: A Junky Theory

Written by Orutakawa Teng’a’


The Premise

This happens in an AU where Selina goes through with the marriage to Bruce. After the Bat & the Cat tie the knot they’d go on a resplendent honeymoon abroad.

The Post Honeymoon Fun

After the honeymoon Catwoman becomes both the spurring on and reining in partner of Batman. Criminals begin to pay their fines for their ill gotten goods by the queen & king of Gotham’s night. Villainy too pays for their acts against innocent victims.

The Batfamily will come to accept Catwoman as one of their own; some, if not all, come to call her Mama Cat, both in jest & earnest respect. Some, if not all of her former fellow rogues may come to despise her for betraying them for a slice of happiness. Most of the citizens of Gotham will laud her for becoming their vigilante queen.Fun.com

How She Scratches her Dark Itches

In order to keep her duality of Yin & Yang she’d continue doing naughty things on the side. One of those things would be to commit Robin Hood acts against rich criminals. Another way for her to be righteously naughty would be to become a security inspector at museums, homes, etc. by breaking in once to test for weakness & once again after a “fix period.” If the client fails to fix any problems she gets to keep any replaceable loot she gets her claws on.

The Good Cat’s Meow-Do

Throughout the rest of her masked career, she’d be one of the more random members of the Batfam; unless Harley has switched sides as well. She’d also be a realism check for when things get too ridiculous in the Batcave. I can also see her being a constant assist to Bruce’s unmasked endeavors in the reformation of Gotham’s upper society.

Make no mistake, she’s still Catwoman; therefore, she’s always going to be a free spirit. She’d make the ride to justice in Gotham a wild & fun. Wayne Manor or a building on Wayne Estate land will become a stray cat sanctuary.

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