Casey Jones – An Underrated Hero – He Needs a Solo Film

Casey Jones is a lot of things, including being underrated as a hero. He’s always been a second thought in the TMNT universe. Obviously playing second fiddle to the Turtle Power team is a must, seeing how it’s their show. However, Casey Jones is a force to be reckoned with and deserves his just due.

Casey’s Evolution

In 1985, the first comic book was released and the hockey mask-wearing vigilante Casey Jones appeared to beat down low-level crooks with a baseball bat and a hockey stick. The original Mirage comic book really wasn’t made for youngsters as the The Turtles killed enemies and occasionally let loose a curse word. Then he appeared on the big screen in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie. My fondest memory of him was in that movie when he scored six runs in a fight with Raphael.

Casey’s Attitude

Whatever Casey we are talking about, he always appears to be pretty arrogant, mostly pushy and well, easily said, kind of a jerk. He’s quite involved with himself and thinks little of others. He’s always a hockey player in every Casey Jones version. Whether it be a Highschool Hockey Standout or a former professional sidelined by injury. Like the Turtles, he has a thing for April Oneil. He makes wise crack remarks yet tries to put a smile on her face. The New Age Casey is a punk teenager with less than desirable outlook on life, especially with regards to school work. Casey is a grown up in both the original and new age TMNT movies. Somewhere between the ages of 22-30. He is a hero, so his heart is in the right place, however he sometimes has DareDevil type of tendencies.


Casey’s Gear (New Age Cartoon/Comic)

Firstly, he comes fully equipped with a Goalie Mask (painted like a skull), Face Paint (also painted like a skull), Hockey Glove, Hockey Goalie’s Blocker Glove – with nails. Secondly, He’s got a Homemade Taser – potato masher rigged with 9volt batteries on a drawer track with springs. Thirdly, he carries a Padlock of Doom – a lock tied to a handkerchief, Bunch of Keys and some Custom Sheaths – belts and duck tape. Can’t forget he has Spray Cans (paint grenades), Wooden baseball bat, Wooden Hockey Goalie Stick and a Wooden Hockey Player Stick. Finally, he has Custom Skates, Spiky Pads, Cricket Bat, Pipe, Hockey pucks, Grappling Hook, Explosive Hockey Pucks and even a Jetpack.

Casey’s Gear (Old School)

The Casey from the original Ninja Turtle movie had a golf bag with golf, clubs, baseball bats and cricket sticks. He pretty much used any type of sports related stick or club he could get his hands on as weapons. If a sports weapon wasn’t available; he would use just about anything, even a garbage truck, in Casey’s infamous “oops incident”, that crushed The Shredder.


Abilities and Skills

Casey has great Fighting Skills and uses a variety of weapons against his enemies. In fact, he counts on his weapons, more often than his own hands and feet. Casey is all muscle and extremely strong and has tons of endurance and stamina. He can run and fight for a long period of time. Casey also studies his enemies and works to know their strengths and weaknesses. He also picks up their weaknesses quickly in short hand combat. Casey is also a great inventor and creates spectacular gizmos that are almost as good as Donatello’s. He doesn’t have super speed, but he can run faster than an average athlete. Casey can move much faster wearing roller skates, however. He is a skilled hockey player, capable of ice skating very well and can hit pucks with great accuracy. Needless to say he uses his slap shot as a weapon! His driving skills are so good that he can even drive new upgraded turtle cars without a problem. Even recently, he whipped his Black Dodge Challenger around the City like he was an Indy Driver.

Why is He Underrated?

He fights alongside the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, duh! He’s a character that will always play second fiddle in my mind. What really needs to happen for Casey to get “out of the shadows” of the Turtles, is to get his own big screen movie. A real movie this time, not short story found on YouTube. They should find whoever made that short movie and make him director on the big screen! The kid has it right, just needs more resources!

How can you have a Ninja Turtle movie without the Ninja Turtles you ask? Make the timeline react to how you want it to play out, that’s how. Show his childhood, have a quick flashback to some memories with the turtles and then fast forward to a different place and time where the Turtles are not present. Or… make the movie about locating a divided Mutant Ninja Team. Have glimpses of the Turtles, Splinter, Shredder and April in flashback memories. How about a recall to the scene where he battled Rock-Steady and Be-Bop. It can be done in an ArrowVerse type of way! See the Irony there? Go for it Nickelodeon! Why Not? Stephen Amell is already a great face for it! Grow out his hair and show us a 44 year old, long haired, grimier version of Casey Jones!


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