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Marvel has released yet another movie in its latest installment of the MCU. Captain Marvel. The following blog post will have spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you have been warned. Overall, the movie was entertaining in a fun and cute way. It was enjoyable from the perspective of just going to a movie to just enjoy the movie for being fun/cute. However, fun and cute are not the adjectives I was looking for to describe a movie in the wake of Infinity War. This movie DID NOT set the tone for Avengers: End Game at all. Here’s the positive and negative bullets.

Fun & Cute

This movie had too many silly moments. I’m all for some silly moments from time to time, but it was almost unrealistic. Here’s some examples.

  1. The scene when Captain Marvel blasts a Juke Box with her taser energy hand to prove she’s not a Skrull. Then cracks a joke about how Skrulls can’t do that. That’s actually not a spoiler, it was in the trailer as well. However, this seemed silly to me. At this point Nick Fury had never seen a power like this. He was almost reaction-less. You would think that Agent Fury may be just a little bit spooked with his new friends powers.
  2. The cat AKA flerken. So the cat that Nick Fury seemingly adored wasn’t actually a cat it was a flerken. A flerken is a basically a cat except when it opens its mouth to eat a giant squid like creature emerges and can engulf a room full of people. Basically it’s a cat with a Rathtar in its belly. Fury aimed it at his enemies to use it as a weapon. At a crucial point in the movie no less, yet another cute moment.
  3. Nick Fury’s eye. After a decade plus of wondering how Nick Fury got the eye patch we find out. And honestly, the entire theater blurted “Oh’ Come on!” The fun/cute effort was a lame lame lame choke artist mistake. The movie just felt too fake and this was Marvel’s opportunity to give us something serious. Something that fans have been truly dying to find out. In true spoiler free fashion, “they just didn’t”.


This movie was absolutely predictable. Yon-Rogg screamed bad guy from the beginning, besides the opening scene. In the opener he looked like a caring trainer. Within moments of his next interactions with Captain Marvel he was already creeping me out. He was evil. It was obvious and if he was evil then the Skrulls probably weren’t. Plus he was Cree. Last I check the Cree weren’t peaceful people.

Tesseract Plot Line

Comment below if I’m wrong but, wasn’t the Tesseract found in the ice with Captain America? Not that he’s always telling the truth because we all know he is THE SPY and his secrets have secrets but… Fury told Captain America that “Howard Stark fished that out of the ocean when he was looking for you“. Did you think we would forget, MCU? That was an unforgettable classic Captain America scene, when Cap beat the punching bag up until it exploded and went flying across the room! We are true Marvel Fans! We never forget!

Serious Fail

The bottom line is that I personally wanted a more serious movie. I wanted to see more shock, more betrayals, more emotions, more powers! I thought the flerken touch was a little much although it was a recall from actual comic books, so I can appreciate the attempt. We only saw just a glimpse of her powers, but maybe that was intentional. Additionally, Carol reuniting with her best friend and estranged niece was, well just way to easy.

Finally, I never gasped during this movie. Not even once. It never felt like she was ever in any real trouble. I never got that gut wrenching feeling in my stomach. You know like when T’challa got tossed over the edge of the water fall or like when Tony got shanked in the belly by Thanos. It wasn’t that long ago that half the universe was wiped out and children everywhere left the theaters crying. This is the movie that is supposed to lead us into the rematch with Thanos. Maybe it was an intentional mood lightener. Still, it was disappointing to say the least.

Why I Still Didn’t Hate It

With all the negative feedback you might think I was hating on this movie like I did Thor: Ragnarok. Honestly, even though it felt like a PG, sugar-coated venue, I didn’t hate it at all. I actually still liked it, believe it or not. Aside from what was the “fun and cute” fails, predictability flaws and confusing Tesseract plot line, this movie wasn’t all that bad. There were cool interactions with other parts of the Universe that we haven’t seen yet. We also got to see the Kree in all it’s Artificially Intelligent light. That was cool! I loved the fact that we saw Ronan again. Looks like I called that one. Albeit it wasn’t the same actor, but still he was there. It was pretty cool that they recycled Korath, too. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him.

The action was really well done and I did get goosebumps when she broke free from the Cree AI. Overall this movie was fun and Captain Marvel is powerful enough to do some damage to Thanos, even with the loaded Infinity Gauntlet at his disposal. The post-credit scenes tie it all in wonderfully. At this point, to me and pretty much everyone else it’s I’m ready. It’s all about the End Game. Thanks for Reading!

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3 thoughts on “Captain Marvel – Movie Review

  1. I gotta say that the tesseract being in Mar Vel’s lab could easily be explained by Project Pegasus being a Stark Industries funded/ran operation. The scar bit gave me the hugest chuckle & the sis & niece by choice being the start of Carol’s return made perfect sense being a student of junior college psychology. As for Yon-Rogg, there was a chance right up to him calling in Ronon for him to turn good.

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