The newest installment of the Transformer universe, Bumblebee, was a great one. I really enjoyed this movie. Bumblebee was fun, it was sad and it had plenty of action but was an even better movie.

The Fun

Bumblebee was very fun. What made it so fun you ask? Let me tell you!

  1. The CGI. The CGI was on point. It’s the first transformers movie that reminded me of the cartoon I loved when I was a kid. Bumblebee actually looked like Bumblebee. Punch Buggy Yellow!
  2. The Kids. The kids were great and Bumblebee was like one of them. He was silly and cute and tough and a killing machine. Yes all that and a bag of chips. Yellow Bag of Lays, no ridges.
  3. The late 80’s. This movie took place in the 80’s and they did a great job of relaying that. The 80’s were great and so was this flick.

The Sad

OK this isn’t what I really was expecting but this movie was loaded with sad and cutesie moments.

  1. The Hugs. You wouldn’t think hugging a robot could make you feel something but hugs from Bumblebee can!
  2. The Girl. She had a lot to deal with in this movie. Her and Bumblebee had an immediate connection because they have a lot of similar issues going on. She recently losed her Dad and is struggling to move on, so is Bumblebee as he’s stranded alone on Earth.
  3. The Dive. Well, if you’ve seen the movie you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t go watch it!
  4. Separate Ways. Probably the 4th time I held back tears because I’m to manly to release them. The Girl and Bee both realize they can’t stay together and well, the rest is teary history.

The Movie

Plenty of Action Packed Moments were in this one. They actually got it right! Although this movie had great action scenes it had a greater story behind it. The best Transformer movie of all time! Go watch it for the great fun, amazing emotions and wonderfully placed action but pay attention to the story because it’s a great one! If you haven’t seen these movies go check out the Bumblebee & Transformers Ultimate 6-Movie Collection [Blu-ray] by clicking the link in Bold. It’s 6 movies for like $5o bucks well worth it!



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