Black Panther: The Most Overrated Movie Of All Time

Unlike most people, I did not see Black Panther in theaters. I waited for it to come out at my local library because I’m broke. I put the disk in the blu ray player, sat down in my pitch black room, and waited to see what everyone loved about this movie. Then I fought to stay awake for 2 hours (it was noon).


My problems with this movie are mostly with the story. I think what bugs me the most is that the movie feels like it’s moving too fast, and feels like it’s painfully slow at the same time. I know that’s a contradiction, but I’m not kidding. Scenes feel like they last forever, while not having enough substance to be satisfying.


Surprisingly, this movie reminds me a lot of Exodus Gods and Kings. But that movie worked better because it knew what it wanted to be. Black Panther could have benefited from a scene similar to the one with Ramsey as king terrorizing the slaves, and Mosses building up the rebellion. It would have made T’challa’s death seem much less meaningless.


This movie is praised for having great characters. But out of all of them, only three are memorable.

T’challa is the most boring character in this movie, and he’s the title character, he has almost no personality. In Civil War he had motivations, he was interesting, but here he has nothing to do except beat people up. I want you to think of a line T’challa says in the movie, any line, but it can’t be, “I never freeze” or “Wakanda forever”. Bet it took you a while to come up with one.

Killmonger has been praised as the best MCU villain, but I just don’t see it, I’m sorry. His motivations make sense, but it doesn’t go that deep. He wants to kill T’challa because of something his dad did. He also wants to give minorities the ability to rise up, but it kinda conflicts with him choking old ladies and killing people for no reason.

I’m only mentioning these two because the rest were pretty good.

GameStop, Inc.


Overall the movie looks great. Sometimes the CGI doesn’t hold up, and it kinda takes you out of the moment. The fight scenes all take place in a dark area, the problem is the main character’s costume is pitch black, so it’s hard to differentiate it from the background. I had a hard time seeing things in a pitch black room.  In the opening fight, T’challa is in a forest at night, and I can only make out the necklace because it’s the only thing that isn’t black.

The score is what you would expect from a Marvel movie, pretty good, but not memorable.


A friend of mine said he hated doctor strange because it was a movie that showed how meh these MCU movies are getting, and that’s what I hate about Black Panther. It’s a good movie, but nothing special, overall my least favorite MCU movie to date. If you want a movie similar to this, go watch Exodus Gods and Kings, its the same thing, but much better. I think people love this movie because its the first movie in the MCU to feature a Black superhero, but there is a much better movie featuring a black superhero already out. It’s called Blade, and it came out 20 years ago, and if you don’t want to watch blade, go watch the Luke Cage Netflix show. I guarantee those are much better than Black Panther.


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7 thoughts on “Black Panther: The Most Overrated Movie Of All Time

  1. This site has so many on point articles. Where else can I get this type of info written in such an ideal means? Booyah!

  2. Crazy! This movie was a hit! The only thing I will give you is that Black Panther was kind of corny and forgettable. Everything else is way off target. Wakanda was beautiful! Killmonger although a sympathetic bad guy was still downright evil and an awesome foe. His back story was great! The women in this movie were great too. I wish they would have done more with Angela Basset. This was one of the best MCU movies to date. You telling me when Tchalla went over the edge of the waterfall your heart didn’t end up in your throat? Mines sure did! Five Stars!!!!! WAKANDA FOREVER!!!


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  5. I’ve been surfing online more than 3 hours and boom I stumble on this website… Still Reading the articles… This is the first one I don’t agree with, I get what your saying but take it for what it is, a fun disney movie…

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