Black Cat & Catwoman Prowl Together: A Junky Fan Theory

Written by Orutakawa Teng’a

The Premise.

I will be exploring a possible outcome of what might happen if Black Cat & Catwoman ended up in a pocket reality together with no apparent way out. Be forewarned that I’ll be using plenty of wordplay ahead.

The Cats Come Together.

Through some means a version of Black Cat & Catwoman end up appearing in a pocket reality where things are common to both. Soon enough they’re back to their old habits. This time there’s even more cat burglary by both hoping to blame it on the other.

At this point Fel & Sel have not yet met. Thus they feel nothing for each other aside from fashion and burglary critiques. One merely sees the other as a miss dressed copycat.

The Meeting of the Meowers.

At a place halfway between Gotham & NYC a multi carat diamond or massive precious material item will draw them together. The pair would plot their individual schemes to boost the loot before taking off to the museum.

They will arrive and enact their plans to steal the MacGuffin. In the process of attempting to steal the MacGuffin they’ll encounter each other and begin to fight for the MacGuffin, tripping the alarm. They scram, just avoiding capture and resume their scrap once far enough away. They’ll part ways after getting their anger out.

They Reconnect.

Another MacGuffan worthy of both’s attention will appear bringing them together & upon seeing a sizable security force they’ll team up. Upon looting the MacGuffin, they’ll fence it, split the profit, & leave after sharing contact info. Over time the pair will team up as needed to do both good and bad things.

By good things I mean acts that suit both of their raison d’ĂȘtres; such as rescuing kidnapees, beating pervs, and doing heroic deeds that endear them to society. Just as much their good deeds make them media darlings ala Thelma & Luis; their crimes make them enemies of PDs within their area of activity.

The Cats Cahootings.

The pair would quickly find themselves thick as thieves (I had to). They could also become roomies to save on money, as well as combine budgets to reduce the number of thefts they’d have to commit. The pair might even have some of that special fun unless the Bat & Spider are present as well.


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