Beyond The Spider-Man Web of Shadows Dark Ending Part 2 – The Symbiote Kingdom Expands: A Junky FanTheory


The primer

This is a sequel article so please read “This blog right here.”  Already read it? If so, then let’s get the show on the road.

Expansion past NYC

In the time since the end of the prequel article the Venomized Peter & Felicia have expanded the reach of the symbiotes. Their vigilante domain now reaches out South to Ashbury Park, NJ; West to Phillipsburg, NJ; North to Newburgh, NY; and East to all of Long Island. In all the land they rule the streets of crime has dwindled to a mere percentage of what was. During the expansion there are both antagonists and protagonists of the Symbiote Kingdom (SK) in all areas of society.

The Avengers & X-Men All Get Gooed

Eventually the holdouts of Avengers in the Symbiote Kingdom’s domain submit to bonding with symbiotes; not just Venom, but all symbiotes available to Spider-Venom & Symbiote Cat. This boost in membership has the effect of exponentially expanding the power sets & technologies of the SK. Additionally, it greatly speeds up the expansion of the SK’s territory. The Avengers from other chapter houses join the SK in hopes of one day seeing the crime and villainy rates drop in their areas of the US & other countries.

Then the X-Men holdouts will join in hopes of striking a chord in the non-mutant populace; embracing the idea that most mutants care for all of humanity. This new spate of enlistees brings the vigilante empire into the realm of invincibility. After the X-Men join, the dominoes begin to fall as more and more groups become Klyntar-ed until most; if not all heroic groups have done so.

Interdimensional Spider-mates & Spider-spawn

Enter the salvation of Spider-mates and Spider-spawn from other dimensions and growth of the royal family. Throughout the chaos of it all Peter and Felicia have had a son Peter Jr. and are a happy family at home. Then through Doctor Strange and other dimensionally sensitive members of the SK, dying universes are detected.


Firstly, a Spinneret variant of MJ and her kids Mayday, April, Annie & Benjy.

Secondly, Spider-Gwen & her 14 year old daughter Mary Georgia.

Thirdly, Silk with her 12 year old twins Richard and Albert.

In all of the universes they have lost their Peter version husbands/fathers. Spider-Venom & Symbiote Cat bring offer them a home, with them, under the condition that the Spider-mates share in the Royal Venomization & join in the marriage. The Spider-mates agree & the kids agree to join when they turn 16.

This has the effect of spurring public support for the SK. Seeing that it’s being run by family bring yet more standalone heroes and repentant ex-villains into the fold. The new queens and bonded princesses begin to lead crime destroying onslaughts into the streets that the SK call its domain. Un-bonded princes & princesses join in when invited by those with symbiotes.

Destruction of Organized Crime

A major initiative of the 1st Family of the Symbiote Kingdom will be undertaken to rid their domain of the 1st Families of crime. All the might of the Avengers, X-Men, Defenders, Hulk & the agents of SMASH including Red She-Hulk, the Spooky version of the Howling Commandoes and more will rampage through every Mafia endeavor/operation. It’ll be a bloody chaotic mess throughout every mobbed up city as the SK leaves nothing left to salvage. Underlings will be devastated in all morally acceptable ways or tossed into police precincts so hard they’re rendered unconscious. Any still free Mafiosos will have no recourse but to flee the territory that’s now entirely hostile to them.

After the 5 Families are dealt with, the SK will move onto the Asian and Latin, cartels & mobs until absolutely none are left in their domain. Firstly, your run of the mill gangs fall into the horde’s crosshairs. Secondly, the most despicable of criminals become target numero uno for the SK. These criminals get the worst rage filled treatment from the heroes in living leather. Throughout these events the SK’s members end up dealing with the Anti-Symbiote Alliance; taking some of the pounding the alliance is dealing.

The Symbiote Kingdom

The relentless spread of the Symbiote Kingdom and it’s new motto & philosophy ensues. Within a year, the domain of the Symbiote kingdom will include all of the US. In two to three years all of North & South America with parts of Europe will be webbed with tendrils of Klyntar enhanced protection. After a decade most of the world will know the “justice and peace” of the SK’s presence. Surprisingly the King & Queens will never take over the government of the nations. Under the delusion that they aren’t invaders.

During all the violence the SK members will donate ridiculous amounts of resources to charities, shelters, etc. Where there aren’t any they’ll start their own outreach programs further endearing it to society. At some point royalty will realize that the Symbiote Kingdom lives by the motto:

     “With great power comes great responsibility, great resolve & great compassion.”


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