Banner & Ross-ette Walk the Aisle: A Junky Theory


Written by Orutakawa Teng’a’

The Pre-Nuptial Events.

Hulk has been up to his usual shenanigans thanks to militaries & police forces not understanding his triggers. On the other hand, Betty Ross has become Red She-Hulk as she has in many universes. One day Banner finally merges with the Hulk creating a dual role scientist & bruiser after having fathered Lyra and Skaar. The pair fall madly in love knowing neither can physically harm the other. The two wed creating a smashtastic pair of bruisers.

The Wedding’s Follow Up.

After their honeymoon Bruce & Betty will gather friends like The Thing (whilst not with the Fantastic Four), Korg, Miek, & “guest stars” such as Thor & Doc Sampson. Along with their friends they’ll invite family members She-Hulk, A-Bomb, Lyra, & Skaar. The Thunderbolt Ross version of Red Hulk will also tag along as needed for military liaison duties.

The Gamma Shenanigans.

Of course enemies will gather to attempt to defeat this gamma gang. The Anti-gammas would be comprised of the Leader, Abomination, Absorbing Man, & a rotating “cast” of villainous strong men and women. Other enemies of the Hulk & his circles will join in on trying to defeat the smashing family.

The violence will be as absurdly fierce as one would imagine given the characters in play. There would also be acts of true heroism like propping up falling structures so first responders can evacuate the people within. We’d also witness the Family of SMASH engaging in other than superheroic acts:

In Betty & Bruce’s case; scientific research.

In Jennifer’s case; trials.

In Rick’s & Skaar’s cases; alien wrestling tourneys.

In the rest of the crew’s cases; they’ll do what they’re best known for, SMASH!

Philsophy of the 1st Family of Smashing.

The Banner and Banner-Ross led SMASH will be an organization that practices overkill against threats of massive quantity or strength. It will also be a compassionate group that tries to be the public’s best friend. This big and tall family would be a growing family as other members find love interests and/or have children.


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