Avengers Endgame: What We Can Expect

The new Avengers trailer just dropped this morning. It has taken the internet by storm. People went crazy over this trailer, even before it came out, people went crazy asking about it. We heard nothing for months, then BAM. They release¬†this thing. So I’m going to unpack everything I can from this trailer.

The Aftermath Of The Titan Battle

Tony has been left drifting in space, hinting that the battle on Titan has probably damaged the Guardians ship. We usually see that the Guardians can live in that ship for a long time, and cross the Galaxy with ease, so something has to have gone wrong on the ship. Maybe it has to do with when Thanos threw a moon at Tony. But we can expect that Tony, the genius he is, will pull it together and make it home.


The Aftermath Of The Wakanda Battle

We see the Avengers in shambles, they have a plan, but we don’t know what it is. It might have to do with the set photos of the Avengers back in New York. They will probably be time traveling through the past MCU movies, using Antman’s tech, and try to collect all the infinity stones. Then put them into a gauntlet and undo the snap. Or maybe Tony builds a new Armor capable of harnessing the Stones.

Scott Escaped

At the end of Antman And The Wasp, Scott got trapped in the Quantum Realm. Everyone else turned to dust so they couldn’t pull him out. But now in the trailer, he walks up to the Avengers doorstep completely¬†fine. Maybe he uses the enlarging disks as he did in the first Antman movie.


This movie is going to be epic, probably even more than Infinity War. We are going to see something spectacular, we will have our hearts broken, again, and the MCU will never be the same. This trailer has made me more excited then I was for any of the previous movies, and that says something. I’ve been with these movies since the beginning, and I will be with them when they end. I can tell you for certain, that this will be the last adventure for some of these heroes, and it will be just the beginning for new ones.

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