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Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is my favorite anime! I have read the manga but I’ll be nice and not spoil anything for those who don't read it. I am a huge fan of Attack on Titan and was so excited that season 3 started airing this month. (Even though they haven't aired all the episodes yet, season 3 is already my favorite season!) This season has a lot to do with characters past, going as far back as their childhood. In the 3 episodes that have come out we were able to see Levi, Erwin, and Historia as children. None of which have seemed to have a good childhood, Levi had to grow up with Kenny, a murderer, who has killed many people, and is extremely dangerous. Historia, had to live with a mother who never loved her. Erwin had to grow up without his dad.  It is very tragic, however, I like to see where each character has come from.

Screen Time

I also really enjoy how much screen time Levi has already gotten in this season! In season 1, he didn't come in till later on in the show and, in season 2, he had been injured and was unable to fight like the rest of the characters. He is one of my favorite characters because he plays an important part in saving humanity. This season shows more about his personality which is great, since he is such a closed off person.


There are many things I love about season 3, however there are some that I don't  particularly like. I'm going to assume that most people agree with me when it comes to the opening of season 3 compared to the other 3 openings. This opening kind of sucks and I was disappointed by it. I don't mind the animation of it but I don't really understand why they have Armin, Mikasa, and Eren as children. It's not like they focus on their past in this season. The music for the opening is nothing like the music for the other seasons. I like it but not for this anime opening, it just doesn't fit. My other complaint is (only manga readers will understand) even in the 3 episodes aired they have taken and changed scenes. I thought the manga version was great so I got really frustrated when they decided to change it to make it “better”.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed some aot love! 🙂


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