Assessing the Acts of Evil Annuals

Acts of Evil Annuals Acts of Evil Annuals

These annuals are widespread over various titles and bring in so many new and well known villains.

Heroes: Ms. Marvel, Punisher, Venom, Deadpool, She-Hulk, Ghost-Spider, Moon Knight and Wolverine.

Villains: Super Skrull, Brood Queen, Lady Hellbender, Nightmare, Bullseye, Arcade, Kang and Morgan Le Fay.

Ms Marvel Annual

Ms. Marvel versus the Super Skull tells a sweet story and reveals the true nature of a hero and Ms. Marvel. Despite the bad the Super Skrull is doing and intends to do Ms. Marvel never gives up hope and pushes him to do good instead by representing what it truly means to be a hero. A hero does not kill or act on rage or vengeance. 

ms marvel annual

Punisher Annual

Punisher’s annual is full of surprises. The first page displays it is a fight for Punisher vs. J. Jonah Jameson (JJJ) vs. Space and vs. the Brood Queen. punisher annuals

The interactions between JJJ and the Punisher was fun and interesting to see. Eventually, they get along well and I enjoyed their dynamic. The picture below displays an embarrassing moment between the two when JJJ asks if Punisher has any children.

Venom Annual

Only the second venom annual thus far. This issue introduces Lady Hellbender, who collects monsters and creatures from all over the galaxy to keep and protect. All things considered she really isn’t a too dangerous villain or very bad at all. Especially when this annual brings light into her upbringing as a child. Her character is incredibly intriguing and I hope there is more of her in the future. annuals

Plus, this issue had an amazing fun variant in a unique art style.acts of evil annuals

Deadpool Annual

Personally, I was extremely excited when I saw this coming out. Nightmare is a fascinating villain who I desperately want to find out more about. This plot also very much shocked me and was not what I expected.

Nightmare is depicted as of course being the villain but described in a manner that tells the audience he simply takes people’s fears and terrible things that happen to them and simply makes it worse in their nightmares. This is a key part of the story since Peter Quincy aged 8 who writes to Deadpool to stop his bad dreams is having a reoccurring nightmare that involves one of his babysitters. In short, the issue is bittersweet and definitely made me like Deadpool even more than before.deadpool acts of evil annuals

She Hulk Annual

Bullseye is the villain here and gives nothing short of an interesting story. This issue involves lots of body switching and is the key plot in this annual. She Hulk wakes up not in her own body and discovers a villain is inside of hers causing chaos. Personally, I was most excited for this annual because Bullseye is my favorite villain. 

Ghost Spider Annual

This issue while having the villain of Arcade it focused more on Gwen’s self realizations and her coming into being a part of this new dimension for now more than just school. It reminded me of the Gwenpool issue with Arcade and his crazy scenarios. This issue also defined Ghost-Spider as more than a Spider-Man copycat or a damsel in distress Gwen Stacy. This is a great annual to tie into the new Ghost Spider Series just released. ghost spider annual

Moon Knight Annual

Honestly, I do not know a lot about Moon Knight and am excited to learn more and read more about him via this annual and more comics before his Disney + show

This issue had lots of different Moon Knights and multiverse travel. Kang is a persistent villain and Moon Knight a determined hero in every universe. The annual spoke a lot to Moon Knight’s character. 

Wolverine Annual

Wolverine versus Morgan Le Fay is my favorite out of the Acts of Evil Annuals. The storyline is magnificent and had me on the edge of my seat and gasping at plot twists. Wolverine goes to visit an old friend who was the love of his life but betrayed him by making a deal with Morgan Le Fay revealing her true vain nature. The premise of the issue was that Wolverine does not show his emotions or tell people how he really feels but with her he felt different. The fact it was all ruined by this villain was exactly the villainous annual I was looking for. Also, I especially loved the art style of this issue!
acts of evil annuals


Something that most of the annuals have in common is that it is not the villain that is the main problem. The villain is simply a means for the real issue or problem to be solved. Many cases I was expecting it to see more Acts of Evil in these Acts of Evil Annuals but instead found very meaningful lessons learned and experienced by the heroes. While it is not what I expected, I enjoyed them all. Also, they all had a connecting variant to come together and display villains of the marvel comic universe.  

While the event is now over, it is never too late to go and buy the annuals and give them a read! 


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