Arrowverse – The Best Live Action DC Universe

Having watched all 6 Worlds of DC movies, Most of them miss the mark on each character they’re adapting. They change up core aspects of the characters and the writing does not make this situation any better. However that case does not translate to the Arrowverse. The Arrowverse is a shining example of what the movies want to be and then some.

The End for a New Beginning

The Arrowverse started due to the show “Smallville” being canceled after 10 seasons. Instead of spinning off to a show about the “Smallville” version of Green Arrow, the CW decided to reboot everything. “Arrow” unlike any other superhero show before it was grounded, dark in tone, and gave a strong backstory to “Oliver Queen”. When “Arrow” aired it was the highest rated CW show in over 3 years and paved the way for other shows like The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow, speaking of…

The Next Big Step

After S1 of “Arrow” there was talk of beginning a new show on “The Flash. “Arrow” quickly introduced “Barry Allen”. The plan was if “The Flash” show wasn’t received well, he would become a series regular on Arrow. However that never happened because when S1 of “The Flash” aired, it managed to get higher ratings then S3 of “Arrow”. “The Flash” embraced the fictional nature of its narrative and opened up the Arrowverse to super powered beings known as “Meta-Humans”. As well as the idea of time travel, adapting the now infamous “Flashpoint” storyline.

Make Way for the Girl of Steel

While initially a show on CBS, instead of making another show on “Superman”, CBS decided to make a “Supergirl” show. This was a huge development for Female Superheroes leading their own Franchise, and this was 2 years before” Wonder Woman”! The first season was a hit ranking in 12 Million viewers on the pilot episode alone. The show featured a compelling story ark for the character “Kara Zor-El”. Not only was the series able to successfully make a show with a leading female character. It also successfully introduced the multiverse to the Arrowverse, and it was explained that “Supergirl” was part of another earth.

Risk of Tomorrow

“Legends of Tomorrow” was probably one of the biggest risks DC and the CW have ever taken. The show featured secondary characters from “Arrow” and “The Flash” and is about the Legends fixing time. The show received mixed to average reviews and ratings but was largely a success. It is now on to its fourth season. The ratings keep getting better each season, and there is no sign of stopping.

The other shows

While the main four are “Arrow”, “The Flash” “Supergirl” and “Legends of Tomorrow”. There are other shows that are connected to the Arrowverse. Like 1990’s Flash show, and “Constantine”. There are also the animated shows “Vixen” and  “Freedom Fighters : The Ray”. “Constantine” and “Vixen” have since joined the “Legends of Tomorrow” line up.


The Near Future

In the near future there are reports of a pilot being ordered for “Batwoman”. She was previously featured on the crossover event “Elseworlds”. There is also going to be an adaptation of “Crisis on Infinite Earths”.

The Arrowverse is one of the most successful connected universes since the MCU and all of it was made for TV on relatively small budgets. They’re able to come out with more coherent, and well written products than the Worlds of DC movies and it shows. DC may missed the mark with their movies recently, but they were able to redeem themselves with the Arrowverse. All the praise DC and the CW receives are well deserved!

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