Aquaman Movie Review

I really enjoyed the latest installment to the DCEU. This Movie follows Arthur Curry aka Aquaman and his reluctant rise to power; when he must become king of Atlantis to stop a war between the Atlantians and the surface dwellers.


What I loved:

So I loved the fact that they had 2 of Aquaman’s most famous villains in this film. Those being Black Manta and his brother Orm aka Ocean Master. Black Manta looked amazing , you could tell they did their research from the comics. Having Ocean Master’s mask be able to show expressions was also a nice touch.

The overall story is also good. Meeting Arthur Curry while not being the king of Atlantis was enjoyable. It allowed his character to be built. I really loved how it showed that he was worthy to be king and how he eventually warms up to the idea.

The special effects in this film were spectacular. They definitely showed you a new world when they show you Atlantis.

Ocean to Ocean with the sample of Africa by Toto while Aquaman and Mera were over the Sahara desert put a smile on my face.


Interesting to note:

The Relationship of Arthur and Orm can be seen similar to Thor and Loki from the MCU. I noticed this during the film, that Arthur wants to build a relationship while Orm wants nothing to do with his half-brother. By the end of the film though it seems like they will have a love/hate relationship similar to what Thor and Loki have.

Black Manta did not get much screen time in this movie but I don’t think that they are just going to toss him away.

Good family film and something I think most people will enjoy. Definitely a different tone set for this film compared to the other DCEU films. Must see! So go watch it or Pre-Order it Right Here Right Now! Thanks for Reading.


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