Aquaman and the Currents of Success

Aquaman and the Currents of Success

Dark alleys, rooftops, abandoned warehouses, these are our usual go to settings for clashes with villans and they’re all scary places but imagine submerging into the cold dark waters of the Atlantic to confront and unkown terror. One man must stand as the barrier between the sea depths and the shore so get ready for a lap around the deep end as the king of the seven seas takes to the silver screen, Aquaman!

khal Drogo Aquaman

No longer the starfish slinging pun machine of the 70’s. No this is the new khal Drogo badass Jason Momoa style! Pulling inspiration right from the 90’s comics that gave Aquaman a slight resurgence in pop culture and with James Wan at the helm directing we have a hit on our hands people. Wan director of The Conjuring and the sequel (which scared the pants off me twice) and his adept ability to blend the supernatural with real life are perfectly suited for adapting the more recent comic arcs of Arthur Curry aka the Aquaman.

The New 52 Aquaman

DC’s the New 52 Aquaman comics written by Geoff Johns (who is the head creative honcho at DC) heavily relied on all things Aquaman including the first major justice league crossover. When you start to add up all the creative talent attached to this movie you can fully appreciate DC’s refusal to live in the shadows of the MCU. With the stand alone style success of Wonder Woman, Aquaman aims to be another pillar in the win column.

Momoa the New Schwarzenegger

And it will be with Momoa and his massive self in it. I mean have you seen the guy? He’s the biggest action hero in movies since Schwarzenegger. Not to mention how ironic it is that he got his first big break as a regular on Stargate Atlantis. More importantly Momoa has already begun to prove himself as the sea king in Justice league. The less than stellar reception of the Justice league movie actually paved the way for James Wans stand alone Aquaman film. Momoas portrayal stood out to fans as the high point of the movie.

Geoff John

Now let’s rewind the tape back to Geoff Johns run in the New 52. The reason I came back to comics as an adult in the first place. The story arcs had it all, solid origin, mysterious menacing villain in Black Manta, romance with Mera the future queen of Atlantis, high stakes on every battle, and my personal favorite addition to the rouge’s gallery, the Trench, which was briefly shown in the trailer. In fact the whole trailer was a blend of every page turning moment of Arthur’s greatest moments. Pulled right from the source material which is all I ever ask for when critiquing a super hero film. So know before you go and read through DC’s new 52 Aquaman volumes 1-3. Be ready to dive into the movie on December 14th.

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