Lanterns of Pain: A Junky Fan Theory

Amber Lantern

Written by Orutakawa Teng’a’

Fair Warning Notice

This is the prequel to “Raven Gets A Ring on It” Super Hero Junky Fan Theory Blog.

The Lantern of Pain is Born

The Yellow Lantern Corps scientists have been fooling around with an extra power lantern and ring, when it mutates turning into Amber. It begins to draw not on fear, but raw pain. The scientists try to hide it. Within the Lantern Battery the sphere on the Sinetro’s Corps turns into a tear drop, the wings into fangs, & the bases disappear. It of course does not stay hidden & is set loose after the Lantern Wars end.

The Lantern of Pain is Found & Unleashed

A trader with sadistic intent finds it. During a deal gone bad, the ring flies from the lantern battery landing on his finger and the Amber Lantern is born. The trader goes berserk fueling the lantern battery to become a well of power & soon more Amber Lanterns flood the cosmos spreading pain. On Earth someone like the Joker becomes the Sol Sector Amber Lantern.

More and more the cosmos cry out in pain. Fueling the growth of the Amber Lantern Corps. Soon enough a home world for the Amber Lanterns will be formed on a planet otherwise uninhabited.

Philosophy and Oath of the Amber Lanterns.

The Amber Lanterns have a simple philosophy best summed up with their recharging oath, “A universe in unending pain, is our exultant accursed gain.”

“Raven Gets a Ring On It”

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