A Rogues Gallery for Martian Manhunter

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Rogues Gallery

In a previous post I explained just how powerful Martian Manhunter is and how difficult it would be to write a good comic series for him. Part of that difficulty is, with such a powerful being, it’s hard to come up with challenges that won’t be easily overcome by the character. In this post, I shall give my ideas for a rogues gallery.


The first baddie on my list may not yet exist. It is a being of complete chaos. Just as Superman has Mister Mxyzptlk and Batman has the Joker, Martian Manhunter needs a character that he can’t guess about. This being could be magical, but doesn’t necessarily have to be, as long as they are never predictable. Stories including this character, I think, would be fun to write, or maybe more so to draw. Near complete randomness in each panel. The possibilities, and powers, are limitless.

Gentleman GhostGentleman Ghost

Next up, a ghost, specifically, Gentleman Ghost. I may be wrong, but Gentleman Ghost is obscure enough of a character, if we were to slip him into a Martian Manhunter book as a mainstay villain, no one would be the wiser. Being a ghost, J’onn J’onzz would have to devise a different style of combat than he would for a regular baddie.


You know what would be hard to stop? Something intangible, unreasonable, and literally can’t be stopped. The Decreator is just that. Martian Manhunter would have to thing completely outside of the box to slow a being of the like in its destructive path. The perplexity thereof is perfect for the mind and power of MM.


Next, a being such as Eradicator. Not of the Kryptonian variety, but perhaps of the Martian race, someone who will stop at nothing to completely off a race, and can adapt accordingly. Being the sole survivor of his Martian race, an eradicator is a perfect villain for Martian Manhunter.


A perfect antagonist for someone with unmeasurable power? Someone who can steal your power. Often sparing with Superman, Parasite would pose a challenge to Martian Manhunter… if he had an upgrade. Though it’s not unheard of to give a character new powers (i.e. Wolverine’s hot claws), perhaps a new character would better fit the bill, one that is able to absorb psychokinetic and telekinetic energy as well as physical power.


Matrix has powers very similar to the Martian, but to not just rewrite a Superman story, perhaps it is wise to create a similar character. Not only would it test MM’s physical capabilities, a character of such shady origins would be great for John Jones’ detective side.


H’El is the most powerful Kryptonian that you’ve never heard of. Being that you’ve never heard of him, he’s perfect to be slipped in to this gallery. Though a motive for attacking Martian Manhunter would be hard to find, perhaps simple ethnocentric dominance.

Lex Luthor

Another Superman villain I would like to steal! Martian Manhunter has genius-level intellect, he needs a villain he can compete with mentally. To take it a step further, make them a public figure, so MM can’t just punch him into submission. There is a great dynamic between Lex Luthor and MM. So a character of the like would do well.

Yellow Martian

The next two characters will be the most prominent in Martian Manhunter stories. First we have the Yellow Martians. Inhabitants of Mars that could not keep up with the growing race of the Green Martians, and so were isolated to small cities in the frozen parts of Mars. So maybe a vengeful Yellow Martian wanting to kill the last Green Martian. This villain, like the villains of the Incredibles, would, for the most part, have motives that are completely justifiable, and perhaps even good.

White MartianWhite Martian

And now, the arch-nemesis!! Like many Superman stories teach, the hardest challenge is an exact counterpart. Enter White Martians. Opposite in mindset, identical in powers. Perhaps a leader among the race. The Last White Martian or something.

Come on DC

As you can see, it is entirely possible to come up with characters that are up to the standard of such a powerful being as Martian Manhunter. Many don’t even have to be created, they already exist, waiting to be used to their full potential.

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