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Apparently, the DCEU got of to a slow start. The DCEU kicked off its first movie in 2013 and then immediately followed up with a second movie. Not! After Superman was released in 2013 the DCEU took 3 years to release it's next movie. Three Years! Even though they dropped the ball with the slow second release, they have since picked up the pace and have released movies somewhat consistently. Let's take a look at them and give them a letter grade while we are at it.

Man of Steel (A+)

Man of Steel AKA Superman was a solid flick in my opinion. Henry Cavil was a perfect choice with his jet black hair, bright blue eyes and strong chin. They couldn't have picked a better human to play the Man of Steel. Using the original General Zod story line was great and I really love how they introduced the Kryptonian to the world "You are not Alone". This movie was solid all around, from the introduction of his powers as a child to crushing a bar room jerks tractor. The Oil Rig scene was amazing, his first attempt at flight and how his "earth father" tried to protect his identity so much he literally died trying. He saved the day and stayed anonymous as he covered his identity as Clark Kent. He was truly an American hero, not bad for an all powerful Alien.

Batman Vs Superman (B-)

The action was great, however the story was mediocre if you ask me. Individual performances saved this movie. "Martha Martha Martha" (Lex Luthor), Jesse Eisenberg was amazing. The rooftop scene gives me goosebumps every time I watch it. What I did really like is how the movie picked up right at the end of "Man of Steel". I also thought how they introduced Kryptonite was nifty. It was even more nifty how Batman used it. Ben Afleck was actually a pretty good Dark Knight. Using the media and news channel to debate Superman's existence was genius and made it seem real.

Things to Hate

For starters, Batman had Superman dead to rights yet tossed his kryptonite spear when it was time to slay the Alien. OK maybe he had an epiphany and never wanted to really kill him, just see if he could beat him if he ever had to. Secondly, right at the end of the fight seconds after a near death battle they become besties, like it never happened. Thirdly, Wonder Woman pops up  out of nowhere and starts kicking Doomsdays ass. To many holes and to many unexplained events if you ask me.

Suicide Squad (B+)

This was a really good flick overall. There wasn't much to hate. They had just enough of the Joker in the movie and they did a really good job of introducing all of the characters. The DCEU once again, did a solid job of connecting the universe and picked up right at the end of Batman Vs Superman. Harley Quinn was super hot and Dead Shot couldn't miss!

The Downside

If Will Smith would have kept his mask on longer this may have gotten an A. Kidding, but come on Will, I know you want your face time but your playing the role of a masked super villain! Keep it on! Killer Croc was way to small and Harley Quinn was way to Bad Ass. I know she's crazy and all, but the 95 pound hottie was a karate expert that could swing a baseball bat hard enough to explode monsters heads. A little too much. Remember this is the same universe that had Batman running from Doomsday for his life.

Wonder Woman (A)

Solid. I'm not really into female Super Hero's (excuse my sexism) however Diana Prince was simply wonderful. She had one of the most powerful scenes in the DCEU to date. I'm not going into details about the flick because I really don't want to ruin the plot line for anyone. It's a sneaky plot and has some dynamic twists. Let's just say the Daughter of Zeus explores her powers and as her strength grows it's wonderful to watch. The CGI is wonderful and her Village Battle scene is flawless. The setting was key and had a throwback Captain America kind of feel. I loved Gale Gadot, she looked just like the Wonder Woman from the comics and the early TV Series version. My one complaint is that the Amazons are pretty jacked and wonder woman is kind of , well, skinny and weak looking. Other than that it's a wonderful flick! Too Many Wonderful's?

Justice League (C+)

If this movie didn't have awesome action it would probably be ranked a little lower. What saves this movie is that I love super heroes, so they all get at least a C in my book. It had some decent comedy which is what we are always looking for in a Super Hero flick, Not! The best scene was when Superman fought and basically beat down the entire Justice League. I loved that Batman was portrayed as just a man and his wounds were made profound. Bruce Wayne feels real. Cyborg's aggressive and unnatural twist was awesome so they got that right too. Aquaman was really cool and played a great role. Good Job Movie Makers, at least you got something right!

The Poor Grade

Finally the Universe made a mistake with connectivity. Steppenwolf looked fake and kept talking about the mother. Who is the mother? Seriously I want to meet her. In previous films we got teasers of Darkseid, but Steppenwolf keeps referring to the mother? How about Superman's resurrection, that was pretty weak how they did that to be honest. He already had the floating dirt scene and the audience already assumed he was just in the casket healing anyway. No need to add the dramatic Bruce Wayne concocted resurrection. The Flash was a misguided, blue lightning having goofball, totally opposite from the hero on TV. The TV series, The Flash is so much better. This movie never gave us that "come together" feeling like we got from the first Avengers movie, which was disappointing.

The DCEU Overall

Overall it's been pretty good. I'm more of a Marvel fan myself however these movies keep me coming back. I'm looking forward to Aquaman and the Currents of Success. That stand alone movie is coming out in December. Shazam is on the way and a few others. Thanks for reading and please comment below!

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