A Return Call for Space Ghost


Space Ghost

Who is Space Ghost? Hannah Barbara’s 1966 Space character stands out in my mind as a favorite hero that I remember from childhood. He also is a hero that I would love too see return in some form. His powers included Flight, Super strength, Enhanced agility, Enhanced stamina, a Teleportation Belt that grants invisibility/intangibility and Power Bands that gave an assortment of energy powers and abilities. He was awesome, he was powerful and he was Spaaaaaaaaaaaccceeeeee Ghhhhhooooooooooossssssst!

Jane & Jace

Not My favorite characters ever but Space Ghost needed somebody to save. These two hero’s were average sidekicks at best. Although they pulled some tricks out of their sleeves once in awhile; it felt like they were always in trouble.


Everyone loved Blip and I mean everyone! He was smart, he was cute and he was funny. The Super Space Monkey Baby was an adorable take on saving the Universe. He was Baby Groot before Baby Groot was Baby Groot.


The DC Team Ups

Space Ghost had some really cool features over the years, like Batman and Green Lantern. I’m shocked that he became a real ghost. After teaming up with some of DC’s most recognizable super hero’s; you would think he would grow in popularity. However, the Super Hero’s popularity went from mainstream Saturday Morning Cartoons to a podcast, know as “Space Ghost Coast to Coast“. He has made a few sneak in appearances on shows like the Power Puff Girls. Back in 2005 DC got the rights to Space Ghost, it’s time for him to hit the big screen in the DCEU!

If you have never seen Space Ghost check out the complete Classic Collection series here!

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