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Fair Notice Ahead:

For this blog entry to work we must assume that Harry survives the end of “Spider-Man 3.”

During the Raimi Spidey trilogy the fall of the Osborn family is chronicled. Firsty, the Goblinizing of Norman at the loss of his control of Oscorp. The madness of Norman led to an accidental commitment of suicide. Oxymoron? I think not, watch the clip. Fast forward to the end of “Spider-Man 2” where Harry learns Peter is Spider-Man he subjects himself to the goblinizing process. Now we come to the pivotal moment where the butler revealed to Harry that is was Norman’s own weapons that killed him. We of course know that Harry comes to the side of his childhood friend when Venom & Sand-man have MJ. Now let’s assume that Venom missed Harry’s vital organs & he recovers to become Spidey’s ally in fighting crime.

Philosophy/Psychology of a New Goblin:

During the Raimi trilogy we find that Harry is a dejected brat when it comes to his father yet a strong supportive ally to Peter against the high school bullies. One might say Harry is a brother from another mother to Peter. Thus, as times goes by the big brother to all in danger in NYC along side with Spidey. Is it likely that Harry would take another persona? No, it would suit Harry to be a New Goblin, to be the most fearsome of the costumed pair & “Batman” his way through vigilantism. Naturally, Spidey would be the more lighthearted comical foil of the pair.

The philospohy of a New Goblin would most likely be one of not quite he Punisher levels of intimidation, but the Gobby juice would make for a New Goblin to be far greyer morality wise than his more black & white (in this case blue & red) partner Spider-Man. Would there somewhat varying philosophies cause issues? Probably, but it is possible for them to have a long standing partnership in the vein of The Lone Ranger & Tonto or Starsky & Hutch. It has always been clear that Harry’s greatest impediment to success has been his father’s constant condescension on Harry’s ventures and playboy lifestyle, without such Harry would become a fundamentally great man who could easily be a hero that NYC needs.

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5 thoughts on “A New Goblin Lives – Junky Fan Theory

  1. Probably Harry would deserve a super detail like that!
    The character has potential, no doubt, for more… Beyond what already having seen.
    Smart text Pete! Liked so much!

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