A Better Amalgam Verse: A Junky Fan Theory

Written by Orutakawa Teng’a’


In this blog, I will be building the Amalgam universe that I believe should exist. I will do so by combining the characters from Marvel & DC based on what I know of their backstories and traits; two potential civilian names will be provided for each.

The Copied Canon Amalgamations

Be forewarned, this list will be short. Amazon/Wonder Storm will exist in this universe without the rival Diana being present. Super-Soldier will also exist as the “Boy Scout” Supreme of this universe. J. Jonah White will also be present as the publisher extraordinaire. White Witch will be the demi-invincible sorceress. Blackbird will be the screeching martial artist of the universe.

The rest of the amalgams to be found in my verse is Green Skull, Sparrow, Hyena, Mister X, Uatu the Guardian, Aqua-Mariner, & Two-Faced Goblin. I will allow for a few others I can’t think of at the time of this blog’s publication.

My More Apt Amalgams

Let’s start with the crusader that lost his family and has an elderly (in most cases) guardian; Bruce Parker/Peter Wayne aka Spider-Bat the dark quipster. Next we’d have Tony Queen/Oliver Stark the Iron Archer. Then we’d have the Marvel Hawks; Carol Hall(Hol)/Shayera Danvers & Carter Lawson/Walter Hall(Hol). We’d have as the foil/love of Spider-Bat; Selina Hardy/Felicia Kyle the Cat. As a predecessor to Sparrow we’d have the Hooded Goblin Harry Todd/Jason Norman. Doctor Strangefate will be the sorcerer to end all sorcerers so to speak minus the canon Professor X component. Ray Pym/Hank Palmer will be The Atom Ant. We’d also see Pietro Allen/Barry Maximoff aka Flash Silver. One last amalgam I’d create would be Red Vision a Red Tornado/Vision hybrid.

Those without a single name attached will be: Etrigan the Rider; a Ghost Rider & Etrigan hybrid with temporary hosts based on timeline/era. The Nova Lanterns will be the interstellar cops of this universe with their foils being the Annihilus Monitor led Hunter Seekers, Thanoseid, &/ the Fear Novas led by Adomox Sinestro.

The Miscellaneous Info

The events in this universe, I would call “2.Amalgam” and it would play out far differently than than the OG. Also, I can see Spider-Bat & The Cat walking the aisle after many will they/won’t they years of loving & fighting. Two other pairs could be Blackbird & Iron Archer and Super-Soldier & Amazon/Wonder Storm.

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