21 DC Characters and Their Favorite Foods

Well the title says it all, let’s take a look at some DC characters and their favorite foods, and nope we aren’t putting the recipes.

1. Superman

Beef Bourguignon is a classic french beef stew braised in red wine, I always imagine this dish as something Ma Kent would cook for Pa Kent and young Clark after a hard days work on the farm.

As for Apple Pie, it ain’t a surprise that the American Way poster boy would enjoy an American Classic.

No doubt his son Jon a.k.a Superboy would enjoy it too.

2. Batman

Oh Yeah

It ain’t a surprise that a rich dude like Bruce surely knows his stuff.

3. Wonder Woman

A food so wonderful that Princess Diana of Themyscira herself told that people who make ice cream should be proud of themselves.

I would say some naughty stuff but kids are reading this blog.

4. Flash

Buffalo wings with blue cheese dip and Big Belly Burger, lots of calories but no problem too big for Barry.

Actually, the real problem is having a super fast metabolism combined with low salary pay.

5. Green Lantern

No joke here mate, DC comics had a collaboration with KFC where they even made a mini comic series about it.

6. Cyborg

A meal worthy for an MVP

7. Aquaman

What? Were you expecting something more regal?

8. Martian Manhunter

Does Jon crave cookies because he likes the taste of it or does he crave it because his body is addicted to it?

9. Green Arrow

You just can’t go wrong with this.

10. Jessica Cruz

The most basic on the list from the Sakura Haruno of the Green Lanterns.

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11. Mister Miracle

As Scott would say, its the best sandwich in all the worlds.

12. Zatanna Zatara

She loves Tacos so much that she would search the multiverse for it.

13. Hellblazer

Don’t forget the cigarettes and the Black Label after the meal.

14. Nightwing

Dick ain’t strict about his diet, so he makes up for it by training hard as always.

Dick also likes to eat redheads e.g Babs, Kori and Wally.

15. Starfire

Well, she did live in the Florida Keys for a while, might as well add the pie.

16. Black Canary

Nothing but a romantic meal to top it off after rocking and kicking ass all night.

17. Huntress

Helena visited many different countries and there’s still nothing that can beat her mom’s home cooking.

18. Batgirl

Aww it even has a cute egg hat.

19. Lucifer Morningstar

I think we’ll be good friends.

20. Supergirl

Does Kara eat a lot because she’s Kryptonian or is it because she’s been single like… forever.

21. Lex Luthor

The Douche Burger is said to be the most expensive burger and its made of a kobe beef pattie wrapped in edible gold, truffles, lobsters, caviar, Gruyere cheese and a Kopi Luwak bbq sauce sandwich with a champagne infused buns.

It may taste great or bad (never had one) but it for sure makes you feel so rich you’ll wipe your butt with a hundred dollar bill, fit for a douchebag like Lex.

That’s all folks, thank you for reading.

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