21 Best Indie Comics of 2019

2019 was the year of Indie Comics. We got so many amazing Indie books. So this is going to be a big lists but every book is unique with a profound story and distinctive arts.

So before diving right into the list.


  • Books whose last story arc or first story arc is ended in 2019 is only considered for this list that’s why amazing books like White Trees. The plot, Undiscovered Country, etc didn’t make it to the list.
  • This is not a ranked list.


Without further ado:


Talents: David Booher(W), Drew Zucker(A), Vittorio Astone(C), Deron Bennett(L)

Publication: IDW Publishing

Last Issue: #6

It’s hard to explain how simple and beautiful this story is! The irony is that this book made me emotional about a character who is not allowed to have feelings in the first place. The story revolves around Canto, his people were enslaved and their hearts were replaced by clocks. And there is this tin girl’s clock which is beyond repair. Canto’s journey to repair this girl’s heart is heart touching.


Talents: Simon Spurrier(W), Matias Bergara(A), Michael Doig(C), Jim Campbell(L)

Publication: Boom! Studios

Last Issue: #12

A story revolving around Hum, who is trying to save the soul of his wife in a post-apocalyptic world where the magic is lost. If you are a fan of the post-apocalyptic world then this book is totally recommended. I am a huge fantasy/mythology fan so I loved this book. Even if you are not, you’re still gonna love this. The art and colors of this book are spectacular.


Talents: Ryan O’Sullivan(W), Andrea Mutti(A), Vladimir Popov(C), Andworld Design(L)

Publication: Vault Comics

Last Issue: #5

Have you ever lied in your resume and still got the job? Fearscape is the same but on a bigger mystical level. Fearscape is a world where lives the manifestation of our worst fears. In every generation a storyteller, best of the best travels to the Fearscape and tell the stories of Earth to install fear to these creatures to keep them in check. Unfortunately, Henry Henry, the storyteller of our generation is a hack. Only he can save us from these creatures. This story is outstanding. And the way the story flows from one page to another is exceptionally good.

Ice Cream Man

Talents: W Maxwell Prince(W), Martin Morazzo(A), Chris O’Halloran(C), Good Old Neon(L)

Publication: Image Comics

Current Issue: #16

I love this book. That’s all I need to say for this book. This book is both Horror and Comedy. Every aspect of this story is brilliant. Every issue starts with new characters whose lives continue to get worse and worse. The only common thing is the Ice Cream Man. What’s the mystery? Find out here. Such an inventive and creative story that leaves readers on the edge of their seats.

Invisible Kingdom

Talents: G Willow Wilson(W), Christian Ward(A), Sal Cipriano(L)

Publication: Dark Horse Comics

Current Issue: #8

Fan of Sci-fi stories or conspiracy stories? Then this is one of the Indie comics of 2019 you should read. The story revolves around these two women who are trying to uncover a vast conspiracy between the leader of the system’s dominant religion and the mega-corporation that controls society. The story itself is fluent and profound but the MVP of this book is Ward’s appealing and delightful art and colors.

Giant Days

Talents: John Allison(W), Max Sarin(A), Jeremy Lawson/ Whitney Cogar(C), Jim Campbell(L)

Publication: Boom! Studios

Last Issue: #54

A story which is been told from 2015 comes to end in 2019. It can easily be considered as one of the best Indie comics of the decade. Three best friends, when completed their college, went different ways, but can they make it to spring alive? It has witty humor, amazing illustration, nail-biting adventure; everything you want from an Indie book.  If you’re gonna binge read this book, it is a long read with lots of filler space along the way, but its definitely a worth read.

Gideon Falls

Talents: Jeff Lemire(W), Andrea Sorrentino(A), Dave Stewart(C), Steve Wands(L)

Publication: Image Comics

Current Issue: #19

If this was a ranked list, then this book would’ve been Top 3 easily. This is how good this book is. This book was our #1 pick for Top 15 Image Comics of 2018. This superstar team is presenting you with this supernatural story of this guy who is obsessed with a specific metal that is appearing in different parts of the town which he thinks is part of a bigger conspiracy. The story and art of this book are broody and full of horror.

House of Sweets

Talents: Fraser Campbell(W), Iain Laurie(A), David B. Cooper(C), Steve Colin Bell(L)

Publication: Cabal Comics

Last Issue: #1

This one-shot comic is so good that it definitely holds a place in this list. House of Sweets is a pastoral psychological horror, loosely based on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm. This ferocious and brutal book can easily be my best read of 2019. The only book on the list which is a Kickstarter.

Little Bird

Talents: Darcy Van Poelgeest(W), Ian Laurie(A), Matt Hollingsworth(C), Aditya Bidikar(L)

Publication: Image Comics

Last Issue: #5

Another comic which is probably in my Top 3. This is such a beautiful story with detailed and stunning art by Laurie is definitely worth the read. You can feel the journey and problems of this young child who is fighting an American empire set in a post-apocalyptic world. If you want to read only one book this year. This may be it.


Talents: Skottie Young(W), Jorge Corona(A), Jean-Francois Beaulieu(C), Nate Piekos of Blambot(L)

Publication: Image Comics

Current Issue: #13

A land filled with magic has been discovered by this book revolving around a child named Abel. Amazing narration by Young and amazing art and colors of Corona and Beaulieu. If you are a fan of the magic world, talking animals, robots, and monsters then this book is best suited for you.

Murder Falcon

Talents: Daniel Warren Johnson(W/A), Mike Spicer(C), Rus Wooton(L)

Publication: Image Comics

Last Issue: #8

Heavy Metal fan? Because this book is heavy metal. Creator/Writer/Artist Warren Johnson tells this splendid story of a world where a monster attack is a real deal through a character named Jake who joins a heavy metal Band “Murder Falcon” when he was in the lowest point of his life. Every aspect of this book makes this one of the best Indie comics of 2019.

Once & Future

Talents: Kieron Gillen(W), Dan Mora(A), Tamra Bonvillain(C), Ed Dukeshire(L)

Publication: Boom! Studio

Current Issue: #5

What happens when some villains get brought back from stories, which are considered a myth? Nothing. If you are a monster hunter, then you will come out of retirement and recruit your grandson to save the world. Simple right? As a huge mythology/fantasy fan I loved every single issue of this. If you are familiar with Gillen’s work like Die & The Wicked + The Divine, then you know how amazing this book could be. Kieron Gillen is a master of fantasy books. With the beautiful art of Mora and Bonvillain.

Pretty Deadly: The Rat

Talents: Kelly Sue DeConnick(W), Emma Rios(A), Jordie Bellaire(C), Clayton Cowles(L)

Publication: Image Comics

Current Issue: #4

A direct sequel to 2016 series Deadly Class. Deadly Class was just a start and this book continued the story. I can’t tell anything without spoiling the fun of this book. This is a 5-issue mini-series with a whole lot of action, adventure, and suspense. And I’m in love with Bellaire’s colors. Absolute fine and detailed art by Rios as well. Easily one of the best sequel Indie comics of 2019.

Road of Bones

Talents: Rich Douek(W), Alex Cormack(A), Justin Birch(L)

Publication: IDW Publishing

Last Issue: #4

This book has everything. History and Mystery. Horror and Suspense. It has it all. This mini-series is about Roman Morozov and his allies who are trapped in Kolyma which is the most brutal place on the earth. They escaped with the help of an out of world character, but is this character is real or just the imagination of these prisoners? This is a short read but actually is far much better than most of the mainstream comics.


Talents: Garth Ennis(W), Steve Epting(A), Elizabeth Breitweiser(C), Rob Steen(L)

Publication: TKO Presents

Last Issue: 2 TPB

TKO Presents came this year with a new way of reading comics. Usually, we get single issues and then Trade. But TKO Presents directly sell trades. But out of many comics from this publisher, this one is my favorite. I’m also a huge fan of Ennis’s previous books and this book didn’t disappoint me at all. Tale of female Russian snipers who fights Nazi invaders in WW2. This book is amazing.


Talents: Joe Henderson(W), Lee Garbett(A), Antonio Fabel(C), Simon Bowland(L)

Publication: Image Comics

Last Issue: #15

This book is straight-up fun. This book deals with some serious events with the nuance of fun. That is to say, Willa is the protagonist of this story who found out the reason the world lost gravity can be restored but when this rich businessman finds about Willa’s plan he does everything in his power to stop her. The chemistry of Willa with every new character is sheer pleasure.


Talents: Carlos Giffoni(W), Juan Doe(A), Matt Krotzer(L)

Publication: Dark Horse Comics

Last Issue: #5

Another fun and light-hearted book that I loved. Kiara is a scientist who invented a device that translates the animal language and when she tested this on her cat, Lou she finds out that her cat has the power of astral projection and the cat can save the lives of billions. This sci-fi tale is amazing art by Dow which leaves you in awe. That’s how good the art is.

The Wicked + The Divine

Talents: Kieron Gillen(W), Jamie McKelvie(A), Matthew Wilson(C), Clayton Cowles(L)

Publication: Image Comics

Last Issue: #45

Another comic series that concluded in 2019 has been told for the last 6 years, the basic concept of this comic is that every ninety years twelve gods incarnated as humans. in the same vein, as a person who absolutely loves the concepts of gods and reincarnation, I cherish this book. And the concept is not the only good thing in this book. Storytelling, art, colors, every aspect of this book is beautifully crafted to tell this brilliant story.

These Savage Shores

Talents: Ram V(W), Sumit Kumar(A), Vittorio Astone(C), Aditya Bidikar(L)

Publication: Vault Comics

Last Issue: #5

Along These Savage Shores, where the days are scorched and the nights are full of teeth. I LOVE this book. If this would’ve been a ranked list the this would be #1 without any doubt. Above all, I love everything about this book, the history, the horror, the fantasy, the suspense. Everything in this book makes this one of the must-read Indie comics of 2019.

The Walking Dead

Talents: Robert Kirkman(W), Charlie Adlard & Stefano Gaudiano(A), Cliff Rathburn(C), Rus Wooton(L)

Publication: Image Comics

Last Issue: #193

The only book on the list which is not a new reader-friendly. Another big comic that remarkably concluded in 2019. As this story is being told since 2014. Even though this book never lacked charm. The black and white theme gives this book a unique retro vibe. Which also keeps that sense of dread and terror which is built up from the very start to end. Also, Kirkman is a mad genius. His every book is amazing itself, if you want a big commitment to comics this is the best place to start.

Wasted Space

Talents: Michael Moreci(W), Hayden Sherman(A), Jason Wordie(C), Jim Campbell(L)

Publication: Vault Comics

Current Issue: #12

Even though I’m not a huge sci-fi fan I really enjoyed this book. If you are a star wars fan then you’re definitely gonna love this. And even you are not a big space adventure fan like me you’re still gonna love this book because the story itself is so profoundly good that you will be hooked for good. While the art, it perfectly suits the story with these rough pencils that weigh the characters and situations very phenomenally.


If your favorite Indie comics of 2019 aren’t on the list then comment down below and tell us why you loved your book!!

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