15 Best Marvel Comics of 2018

Marvel saw a lot this year. With its lows and highs, Marvel delivered some of the best books throughout the year of 2018. We will look down some of the books that changed comic reading to a new level.

Note: This list will not include entries which are released in the month of December because we don’t know what the future might the hold.

15. X-Men Red

Writer(s): Tom Taylor

Artist(s): Mahmud A. Asrar

Current/Last Issue: #11(February 2018 – December 2018)

Jean Grey is resurrected and has a grand plan to save the whole human and mutant kind. In her first approach which went all wrong when Cassandra Nova killed the Senator and framed Jean. Now the whole world hates mutants. Jean Grey build a team to restore the faith of humans on mutants. This limited series will change your way of thinking for sure.

14. Black Panther

Writer(s): Ta-Nehisi Coates

Artist(s): Daniel Acuna

Current/Last Issue: #7(May 2018 –)

A new perspective that will change the way you look at Black Panther. An intergalactic visionary from the writer to the amazing artwork that will fascinate you. Surely, this is the best take on the King of Wakanda in decades. T’Challa is not the king of Wakanda. Now he is a slave in an intergalactic planet system who tries to break out with the help of resistances called Maroons.

13. Marvel Two in One

Writer(s): Chip Zdarsky

Artist(s): Jim Cheung

Current/Last Issue: #12(December 2017 –)

An astounding tale of Human Torch, the Thing, and none other than Victor Von Doom to find Reed Richards, Sue Richards, and their children. This book can make you feel the way you never felt. Narrating emotions directly to readers and their journey is better than most of the big titles in comic.


12. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl II

Writer(s): Ryan North

Artist(s): Derek Charm, Rico Renzi

Current/Last Issue: #39(December 2016 –)

An adventure with Doreen Green as Unbeatable Squirrel Girl is one of the fascinating and light-hearted books. This anecdote of Squirrel Girl will amuse, sometimes make you emotional or sometimes make you laugh but never going to disappoint you.

11. Astonishing X-Men

Writer(s): Matthew Rosenberg

Artist(s): Greg Land, Jay Leisten

Current/Last Issue: #17(July 2017 –)

One of the best X-Men book out there. Taking on various B-listed X-Men doesn’t sound to be worth reading. But that’s where you get wrong. This quality artwork and amazing story make this book the best X-Men book of 2018.

10. Daredevil

Writer(s): Charles Soules

Artist(s): Phil Noto

Current/Last Issue: #595-612(November 2017 – November 2018)

This book only made it to the list because of the story arcs Mayor Fisk and Death of Daredevil. These 2 stories, in particular, is one of the best runs of Daredevil I have read in a decade. Fine artwork and Soules as a writer never disappoint in his stories.

9. Ms. Marvel

Writer(s): G. Willow Wilson

Artist(s): Nico Leon

Current/Last Issue: #36(December 2015 –)

From the time she debuted in Marvel Universe, she rocked the whole world. With the exceptional storytelling from her co-creator, Wilson really is a demanding writer. Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel is really an outstanding character with great adventures and supreme artwork. In 2019 writer Saladin Ahmed is taking on this legendary character.

8. Darth Vader

Writer(s): Charles Soules

Artist(s): Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith

Current/Last Issue: #25(June 2017 –)

Darth Vader can be said to be the best-licensed character from Marvel. The take on Mighty Dark Lord of Sith will blow your mind in such a way that you never think of. If you don’t enjoy superhero comics and fan of Star Wars, this is the book you.

7. Mighty Thor

Writer(s): Jason Aaron

Artist(s): Russell Dauterman

Current/Last Issue: #706(March 2016 – April 2018)

This book may have ended in the starting of 2018, but this book is so great that it had to be mentioned in this list. Visionary and vibrant artwork is one of the factors that make the book one of the best. Story arc like Death of Mighty Thor is really heart-touching and this book never ceases to amaze you.

7. Runaways

Writer(s): Rainbow Rowell

Artist(s): Kris Anka

Current/Last Issue: #16(July 2017 –)

What happens when you find out your and your friends’ parents are a group of super-villains who trying to take over the whole. This adventure of a group of friends trying to stop their parents plan is genuinely the best book 2018. With its counted shares of highs and low this book is undoubtedly a good read.

5. Venom

Writer(s): Donny Cates

Artist(s): Ryan Stegman

Current/Last Issue: #9(May 2018 –)

From the day it released to till this day, this book is the hottest topic in social media. People are loving because it is just changed the Venom(literally) and everything we knew about this symbiote species. The first volume is just crazy and the second volume is just getting started. This book is one of the finest.

4. Punisher

Writer(s): Matthew Rosenberg

Artist(s): Guiu Vilanova/ Szymon Kudranski

Current/Last Issue: #219-228(December 2017 – July 2018) & #5(August 2018 –)

This entry will contain two volumes of Punisher under the same writer. The story arcs like Punisher: War Machine and World War Frank made into the list because both stories are amazingly good. We see Frank Castle’s full potential and cruelty against enemies that will blow your mind. No Mercy. Only Punisher.

3. Thanos

Writer(s): Donny Cates

Artist(s): Geoff Shaw

Current/Last Issue: #13-18(November 2017 – April 2018)

The previous run by Jeff Lemire was good but nothing compared to Donny Cates’s Thanos Wins story. This take on Mad Titan will confound the reader when Thanos visits his future to have a deadly duel that will put a mark in history. A must-read book of 2018.

2. Black Bolt

Writer(s): Saladin Ahmed

Artist(s): Christian Ward

Current/Last Issue: #12(May 2017 – April 2018)

This book takes place mainly in 2017 but the final arc ended in 2018. But this book is so intriguing that it had to make it to the list. This take on the silent king is still one of the best books in decades. Writer Saladin Ahmed knows what he’s doing and the art is super rough and tough make this book easily one of the kind.

1. Immortal Hulk

Writer(s): Al Ewing

Artist(s): Joe Bennett

Current/Last Issue: #10(June 2018 –)

2018 cannot end without talking about this book. Bruce Banner can die. But the nightmare cannot. Hulk is Immortal. The complete horror with dynamic writing and one of the finest artworks shows the fear of Hulk. If you want to read only one book from Marvel. This is the book.

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